Intercultural Business Training


“…the single greatest barrier to business success is the one erected by culture.” —Edward T. Hall and Mildred Reed Hall

Intercultural training is key to global business success.

Whether you need to relocate an employee abroad on expatriate assignment, prepare your team for new market entry or merger integration, or ensure the effectiveness of your global virtual teams, Cultural Confidence can help your company minimize the risks and maximize the opportunities related to doing business internationally.

Cultural Confidence training helps:

•    Avoid costly misunderstandings, unclosed deals and damaged relationships

•    Reduce failure of international assignments and early return of expatriates

•    Speed up project completion and avoid lag time

•    Increase productivity and ROI

•    Leverage diversity and capitalize on differences

•    Gain a competitive advantage

Our intercultural business training programs specialize in the following areas:


Living & Working Successfully as an Expatriate

Foreign assignments can be a major challenge for the assignee, the trailing family, and the company. This training helps international assignees and their families to smoothly adjust to their new life abroad and ensure a successful assignment. By building realistic expectations and developing culture-effective business practices, this guided adaptation will allow assignees to focus on their work, thrive professionally and personally in their new environment, therefore reducing culture shock and chances of premature repatriation.


Working Effectively with a Diverse Workforce & Managing Expatriate Risk

Domestic success by no means implies success abroad. In fact, only about half of international assignments are judged successful and many assignments end prematurely. The main reason for such failure is not the lack of technical expertise or management skills, but rather cultural myopia and dissatisfaction for the accompanying spouse. Given that expatriate assignments are known as the “million dollar investment”, it is essential to be aware of the challenges and to know how to avoid such failures from the very start.

The focus of this workshop is on two key areas of HR function. Firstly, it aims to equip HR professionals with the intercultural awareness and knowledge necessary to effectively recruit, retain and develop a culturally diverse workforce. Secondly, it will provide crucial insight into the challenges of expatriate assignments from the company, the assignee and family perspectives. This knowledge will allow for an appropriate candidate selection as well as for the ability to provide the right support throughout the expatriation process, thus avoiding culture shock, assignment failure and premature return of expatriates.


Communicating Effectively with Global Virtual Teams

Global Virtual Teams face a number of complex challenges that are specific to interacting with members from different cultures, communicating via technology rather than face-to-face, as well as to working as a team. This workshop will enhance the effectiveness of global virtual teams by helping members overcome potential conflict due to cultural differences and miscommunications due to accents, colloquialisms and lack of nonverbal cues.


Conducting Business Successfully Across the Globe

This training will help executives dealing with international clients and counterparts to develop a global mindset, gain insight into foreign expectations and business practices, and develop culture-effective skills and strategies that will allow them to conduct business successfully across the globe.


Harnessing Cultural Diversity at the Workplace

Most companies work across cultures even within one office location and beyond the use of unified communications. This workshop helps multicultural local teams to work and communicate more effectively with each other. While enhancing team effectiveness and productivity, this program also helps break down barriers, resolve conflict, promote a healthy work environment and leverage new skills resources.

Our country-specific offerings span the globe and include:

USA · China · India · Brazil · Mexico · Germany · Italy · France · Czech Republic · Vietnam · Korea · and more.

Click here for a sample of our intercultural training programs with a focus on Germany.

Online seminar options are available upon request.

And because no company or individual is the same, we are always happy to custom-tailor our programs to your specific needs. Our clients include:

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