Cultural Confidence Expat Concierge Services help corporate transferees and their families successfully relocate through customized consulting, home finding and settling-in services. We work with international and domestic transferees and are providers to both corporations as well as relocation management companies.

Our Expat Concierge Services help transferees:

➢ Overcome bureaucratic and logistical hurdles quickly
➢ Reduce adjustment time and experience a smooth transition
➢ Focus on the job and be more productive

Based in Austin, Texas the fastest growing city in the US with 5000 new comers every month, Cultural Confidence is proud to be the city’s premier locally owned and operated expat concierge services provider. Made up of a team of local experts with global experience lead directly by Cultural Confidence Founder Anna Katrina Davey, we provide companies with the confidence that comes from knowing who you work with and superior customer care.

“Relocating can be quite stressful and Anna Katrina helped me a lot in making the process of my Austin relocation quite simple. She takes responsibility and delivers with utmost commitment.”
— Sandeep P., Applied Materials. Relocated from India

“I recently moved to Austin to take a new position, after being away for about 15 years. How the city has changed! My new employer tasked Anna Katrina with helping me get to know the city and find a place to live. What a wonderful experience! They simply could not have chosen a better person. Anna Katrina knows this city like the back of her hand, and showed me all of the wonderful aspects of the city that she knew I would like. Many of these places I would never find, or it would take years to discover. She also worked with a realtor, sacrificing her own schedule at times, to make sure I quickly found a home that met my budget and standards. She is tremendously pleasant and flexible, and I feel as though I have a new kindred spirit here in Austin. I cannot overstate the value of her services or her commitment to her clients. Thank you so much Anna Katrina!”
— Eric L., Apple. Relocated from Houston, Texas

Cultural Confidence is a certified woman-owned business (HUB) and proud member of the Greater Austin Chamber of Commerce.

Pre-Assignment Consultation

As ambassadors of our city, we can make all the difference in the decision making process of an employee to accept a position in what is continuously ranked as one of the best cities to live and advance one’s career! As our local clients’ advocates, we will help promote the Austin area as a great place to live and work while addressing any issues or concerns that the relocating employee and family may have.

Immigration Services

Our comprehensive visa and immigration services include assistance in obtaining all documents needed for employees and their families to visit, live and work in the destination country.

Area Orientation and Tour

This comprehensive introduction to the area includes a presentation and city tour tailored to the transferees’ needs and interests identified prior to the trip. Transferees are also provided with a customized welcome packet that includes area maps, a newcomer guide, event calendars, information on shopping, local restaurants and coffee shops, entertainment, expat communities, things-to-do, transportation options, as well as official documentation on registration at the local Social Security Administration and Department of Motor Vehicles.

Home Finding

Once the assignment or transfer has been accepted, we can help in securing both temporary housing as well as a final home according to the transferee’s budget, needs and preferences. Our experienced team will be happy to assist with both rental and for-sale properties.

Settling-In Services

New transferees face a number of adjustments all at once. They not only have to get used to a new job and adapt to a new culture, they also need to learn their way around, figure out how the system works and take care of the many initial logistical and bureaucratic hurdles.
We can support the employee with a range of settling-in services, which include providing information and assistance with:

  • Lease negotiation, signing and move-in inspection
  • Setting up utilities
  • Finding a school for the children
  • Obtaining a social security card
  • Obtaining a Texas driver’s license
  • Opening of a bank account
  • Vehicle registration and insurance

Cultural Orientation and Expatriate Relocation Training

In the case of international transfers, intercultural training plays a crucial role in ensuring the success of the assignment. As cultural experts we will customize an intercultural training program focusing on developing culturally appropriate business practices, a mindset and communications skills, which will allow employee and family to thrive both professionally and personally in their new environment.

Click here to learn more about our intercultural training programs.