Corporate Programs

“…the single greatest barrier to business success is the one erected by culture.”
Edward T. Hall and Mildred Reed Hall

 Whether you need to relocate an employee abroad, prepare your marketing and sales team for new market entry, or ensure the effectiveness of your global virtual teams, Cultural Confidence can help your company minimize the risks and maximize the opportunities related to doing business internationally.

‘’I had a few goals in mind that I wanted to achieve during the cross-cultural training that I would be receiving.  Anna Katrina certainly exceeded my expectations, at the same time gave me the confidence to feel more secure with my new job assignment as well as living in Germany.  The approach of Cultural Confidence prepared me for what was to come and the transition to Germany was seamless.  Recommended … ‘’

Victor Reyes

“Anna Katrina of Cultural Confidence delivered an eye-opening cross cultural workshop. I work with clients from every corner of the globe on a daily basis. Anna Katrina brings professionalism and passion for the intercultural helping us move beyond our current perceptions. Anna Katrina also tailored the program to match our specific personal and business situation. I was able to instantly apply the new skills learned because of the customized training approach. I highly recommend contacting Anna Katrina if you plan to be successful in communicating across culture boundaries.”

Jaron Banks

“My family and I have recently relocated to Hamburg, Germany, as part of a new business opportunity. FMC contracted with Cultural Confidence (formerly Across Cultures) to provide cultural awareness training to support our transition process. Anna Katrina’s experience, intelligence and communication skills have significantly aided in the transfer of her personal experiences to my family’s situation. We have utilized the material and information literally every day. Anna Katrina’s enthusiastic and first hand knowledge and communication skill have been a big part of a fulfilling experience.”

Clinton Metcalf
FMC Technologies

“The cultural orientation provided by Anna Katrina Davey gave me a much better idea about what to expect once I moved to Germany as well as with confidence when working in my new environment.”

Ivan Mejia

Our corporate intercultural training programs include:

  • Living & Working Successfully as an Expatriate

This program helps employees and their families relocating abroad on international assignment to adjust to the culture of their host country and therefore reduce culture shock and chances of early repatriation. The guided adaptation will allow assignees to focus on their work, develop culture-effective business practices, and thrive both professionally and personally in their new environment.

  • Harnessing Cultural Diversity at the Workplace

This workshop helps multicultural teams at an organization’s local office to work and communicate more effectively with each other. While enhancing team effectiveness and productivity, this program also helps break down barriers, resolve conflict, promote a healthy work environment and leverage new skills resources.

  • Communicating Effectively with a Global Virtual Team

Global Virtual Teams face a number of complex challenges that are specific to interacting with members from different cultures, communicating via technology rather than face-to-face, as well as to working as a team.  This workshop will enhance the effectiveness of global virtual teams by helping members overcome potential conflict due to cultural differences and miscommunications due to accents, colloquialisms and lack of nonverbal cues.

  • Conducting Business Successfully Across the Globe

This program helps executives dealing with international clients and counterparts to develop a global mindset, gain insight into foreign expectations and business practices, and develop culture-effective skills and strategies that will allow them to conduct business successfully across the globe.


Whether you are attorney or a healthcare professional, we can help you better serve and meet the needs of your international clients and constituents. 

Contact us today and let us know how we can help you succeed on the global stage.

Programs for Academia

“Multi-lingual, multi-cultural, multi-talented: Anna Katrina Davey at Cultural Confidence leads seminars and workshops that meet the needs of each participant, stimulates thoughtful discussions that magically play out in missions abroad, and fosters skill development beyond the workshop/seminar description. Anna is engaging and brilliant, but, also sensitive to individual needs and interests of her trainees.”

Catherine MacDermott

Professor of Business Communication, St. Edwards University

Cultural Confidence provides a number of different intercultural workshops for both inbound and outbound foreign exchange students. These programs provide a focused understanding of the target culture and enable the best possible adaptation to the new environment so that students may focus on their academic pursuits while maximizing their overall experience abroad.

We furthermore provide lectures for students of international business as well as programs focused on providing staff with the cultural knowledge, attitudes and skills necessary to work and interact more effectively with foreign students.

Our intercultural awareness and competence programs for academia include:

  • Study Abroad Intercultural Bootcamp
  • Working Effectively with Foreign Students
  • Intercultural Competence in International Business

Contact us today and let us know how we can support your international academic efforts.

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