Cultural Confidence is a purpose-driven, outcome-focused intercultural training company based in Austin, Texas and serving clients worldwide. Established in 2007 and formerly known as Across Cultures, we are made up of a select global team of trainers and country consultants led by Cultural Confidence Principal and Founder Anna Katrina Davey.

Our Mission

Our mission is to support humanity towards its next level of being. We care about creating a more human-centered workplace, honoring diversity, fostering understanding, dialogue and ultimately world peace. We do so helping companies succeed in global markets by training their employees to recognize, understand, manage, leverage and transcend cultural differences.

How We Can Help You

Whether you need to relocate an employee abroad on expatriate assignment, prepare your team for new market entry or merger integration, or ensure the effectiveness of your global virtual teams, Cultural Confidence can help your company minimize the risks and maximize the opportunities related to doing business internationally.

Our training helps:

•    Avoid costly misunderstandings, unclosed deals and damaged relationships

•    Reduce failure of international assignments and early return of expatriates

•    Speed up project completion and avoid lag time

•    Increase productivity and ROI

•    Leverage diversity and capitalize on differences

•    Gain a competitive advantage

We furthermore work with attorneys providing culture expert witness services as well as with universities within a variety of global programs.

Cultural Confidence Principal and Founder Anna Katrina Davey

intercultural trainer

Anna Katrina Davey is a multicultural and multilingual intercultural trainer helping people and companies maximize their success on the global stage. She has extensive experience in design and delivery of international assignment, expatriate risk management, workplace diversity and global leadership programs for individuals and groups. Anna Katrina has trained executives and staff at numerous Fortune 500 and other companies including ThyssenKrupp, AET, FMC Technologies, Occidental Petroleum, Dell, Applied Materials, Adidas, Alcatel-Lucent, Affinova and St. Jude Medical. She has furthermore worked with law firms by providing culture expert witness services, with universities by facilitating study abroad intercultural boot camps and with organizations such as the Rotary and the Robert Bosch Foundation in preparing professionals for foreign exchange programs. In addition to her direct clients, Anna Katrina has also provided training on behalf of numerous global service providers.

Born and raised in Trieste, Italy, Anna Katrina is a dual citizen of Italy and the USA, and also holds a German diplomatic passport. She has extensive international living and work experience on three continents and has traveled over 50 countries. Along with having native fluency in Italian, German and English, she has also studied Vietnamese, Spanish, Latin and Ancient Greek. She earned a Master’s degree in Geography and Cultural Anthropology from Albert-Ludwigs Universität in Freiburg, Germany and received further professional training in Intercultural Communication from InWEnt, the German government’s organization for human resources development.

Prior to founding Cultural Confidence, Anna Katrina consulted on behalf of numerous global training providers and prior to relocating to the USA, lived in Hanoi, Vietnam, working as an intercultural advisor for the German Development Service (now GIZ), creating a first-time intercultural training for Vietnamese counterparts of German international cooperation. Before moving to Vietnam, Anna Katrina had worked for the International Bureau of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research as well as for the German Development Service of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development in Bonn, Germany.

In addition to founding Cultural Confidence, Anna Katrina also served for four years as President of SIETAR Austin, Society for Intercultural Education Training and Research, bringing an array of thought provoking intercultural programs to the local community.

Anna Katrina is a sought out international speaker at business and educational conferences such as SIETAR in Buenos Aires and TEDx in Paris. She furthermore leads monthly intentional leadership tea sits and identifies as a culture curator and change conduit, fostering peace, understanding and the emergence of a more human-centered and collective wisdom-based culture in organizations.

In her free time, Anna Katrina enjoys the outdoors, practices yoga, travels and dances salsa, bachata, cumbia and merengue.

Watch Cultural Confidence Founder Anna Katrina Davey speak at TEDx in Paris on “Cultural Competence as a Paradigm for Peace”: http://culturalconfidence.com/tedxtalk/

The Cultural Confidence approach

We believe that in order for training to be effective, it must go beyond just providing information. It should focus on a very interactive process, which makes use of participative methods such as role-playing, critical incidents and simulations. Participants are encouraged to share their experiences and ideas. Our approach allows for the exploration of personal conclusions, reflections, and most importantly, the development of internalized behavioral skills in response to the acquired information. Furthermore, trainees have the chance to apply the newly acquired knowledge to their assignments.

While providing you with hands-on country-specific know-how, our method will allow you to develop skills that you can apply to any cross-cultural situation, regardless of the target culture. In other words, we won’t just “feed you a fish for a day” but “teach you to fish” so that you can be sustainably effective in multiple cross-cultural situations.

Because no company or individual is the same, we are happy to custom-tailor our programs to your specific needs.

Our clients

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